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Insurance in the moving industry is referred to as cargo protection. Moving companies do not "sell insurance", only insurance companies do that. What moving companies offer you is an option to be compensated for certain losses or damage that may occur while in transit. They are accepting a degree of liability in return for a premium paid. The moving company simply asks you if you want to be protected under their policy or not and to what degree.

Lost items are NEVER a concern when you use our services since your goods are never unloaded from our trailer until it arrives at your new home. We never mix loads (put your goods on the same trailer with someone else's) for the purpose of reducing the cost of your move without your prior approval. Damages do occur from time to time, however, and for this reason companies in the USA are required to carry "standard" basic coverage. This coverage is calculated at a rate of .60 cents per pound per article. For example, if damage or loss occurs to an item weighing 50 pounds occurs, then the carriers (movers) liability is $ 0.60 x 50 lbs. = $ 30.00. This "basic'" coverage is included FREE OF CHARGE. There may be other amounts of coverage that are available upon request. Many times a person's homeowners insurance would provide adequate protection in this situation and rather than sell you protection you don't need, we would like to help you explore these possibilities first.

If you choose to do your own packing, you relieve the mover, in most cases, from any liability for those items you packed. Upon examination a person will see that this is a fair practice. A mover and it's insurance company can not insure contents of boxes that they have never seen. They also don't know if the contents were packed properly. The general rule is, if you pack it (or unpack it), you nullify any insurance coverage.

An exception to this rule would be if obvious mishandling on our part caused the damages, the coverage would still be in force. Having said that...normal jostling during transit is not considered mishandling.

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