Welcome to Kanab, Utah...

Kanab is a peaceful community resting at the base of profound red rock cliffs. Depending on the time of day these fortress-walls of sandstone emit shades, tints and hues of delicate rose to deep vermillion. Green trees and lush alfalfa fields impose powerful contrasting colors. In the evening, as the sun meets the horizon, the red rock reflects upward to the clouds creating magnificent, flaming sunsets.

Our town is a fun place to stay and play! The location is called "Park Central" because we are only minutes away from a grand array of three (3) national parks, three (3) national monuments, one (1) national recreation area and two (2) state parks. We are also surrounded by two (2) national forests and the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) wilderness areas.

Because of the wide range of recreational activity found here visitors often return and become permanent residents of our community. Kanab is located in an area rich in year-round tourism opportunities. Often different seasonal activities are located only a few miles from each other and can be experienced on the same or adjacent days, i.e. skiing, golf and mountain biking, etc. Frequently tourists visit us in large group tours during the traditional vacation season. Often they come back and stay a while in the fall and spring seasons.

There are many historical remnants of our past found here. They remind us, as well as visitors, of our legacy in opening up the old west. Town people tell remarkable stories about the trail of the Spanish fathers Escalante and Dominguez, Paiute indian skirmishes and the Mormon pioneer migration that have left behind many abandoned ghost towns. In our recent past we claim Cinema fame and are known throughout the world as "Little Hollywood" because of the many motion pictures filmed here.

When you come to visit we want you to know that our desire is to protect our traditional values. Our goal is to build a quality of life that makes our city a safe, harmonious, friendly and beautiful place to live. We believe Kanab is a choice destination in the world to live, visit, work and play.

Come visit us...