General Information

Established in 1874 by Mormon Pioneers, Kanab grew from a sleepy ranching community at the turn of the century to "Utah's Little Hollywood" through the middle of the 20th century, and is currently the recreation and commercial center of South Central Utah and the Arizona Strip area.


1990: 3,289
2000: 4,492
2010: 5,934

ELEVATION: 4,950 ft


CITY SERVICES: 2 City Parks, Ball Fields, Tennis Courts, Racetrack, Senior Center, City Library, Swimming Pool, & Golf Course.

MEDICAL SERVICES: Hospital, Medical Clinics, Dental Office, Optometrist.

AIRPORT: 6040' paved runway, 75' wide, 40 tiedowns, 1 tour operator.

SCHOOLS: High School 9-12, Middle School 6-8, Elementary K-5.

CHURCHES: Catholic, First Baptist, Jehovah's Witness, LDS, Southern Baptist, United Church, Assembly of God, New Hope Bible, Victory Baptist, Rivers of Life

AUTO SERVICES: 10 Gas Stations, 4 Auto Repair Shops, 2 Truck Stops, 1 Body Shop.

LIQUOR STORE: 1 State Liquor Store

RESTAURANTS: 14 Restaurants, 6 Fast Food.

MOTELS: 20 (626 rooms), B&B- 3, Camp/RV- 4

Kanab has a highly skilled, easily trainable, available work force in place. In addition to immediately available labor, Kanab boasts a high quality of life to which many former residents are eager to return. Average 1993 Kane County Labor Force was 2,740 with a seasonal high of 3,239. The 1993 average unemployment rate for Kane County was 6.2%.

As the recreational and commercial center of the region, Kanab has an extensive array of commercial and residential services. Kanab is also the Hub of several governmental operations. It is the seat of Kane County, home of the Kanab District office of the Bureau of Land Management, the Kane County Hospital and the Kane County School District office.

Water- All of Kanab is served by a municipal water system. The system is approved by the State of Utah. The capacity of the system allows for significant growth. Additional water resources are provided through the Kanab Irrigation Company and the Kane County Water Conservation District.
Monthly municipal rates are as follows:
Rates: $12.00 first 12,000 gallons
.60 per 1,000 gallons for 12,000-17,000
.70 per 1,000 gallons for 17,000-22,000
.80 per 1,000 gallons for 22,000 and up
Electric- Services are provided by Garkane Electric Co-op.

Garkane Power Association Commercial Schedule
General Service No. (435)644-5026 or 1-800-747-5403
Commercial/industrial 50 or less kva of transformer capacity
Energy charge .05758 $12.50 base
Demand charge 6.00 per KW after 5 KW

Natural Gas: Legal restrictions were removed early 1994 and talks are underway to bring Natural Gas into Kanab. Propane gas is provided by two local vendors.

Sewer: Most of Kanab and all of the probably commercial and industrial sites are served by a municipal sewer system. Monthly rates are determined by class of user.
Class B - General Commercial $15.00
Class C - Laundries, Car Wash, etc. $50.00
Class D - Hospitals, Heavy Water Users $75.00
Class E - Motels (per unit) $1.75
Class F - Apartments, RV Parks (per unit) $3.00

Communications: Telephone service is provided by South Central Utah Telephone. A local office provides a full range of services that include maintenance, installation, etc.
Phone: South Central Utah Telephone is in the process of purchasing the local phone service from US West. They are currently laying Fiber optic cable to the west and north of Kanab. When the purchase is completed in late 1994, Kanab is scheduled to be linked with the newly installed fiber optic lines.
Cellular Phone: There are several cell phone services in Kanab and the surrounding areas.

Overnight: Kanab is served by Federal Express, United Parcel Service and the U.S. Postal Service with overnight delivery available through a variety of carriers.

Cable: Kanab is served by Precis Cable Services.

Impact Fees: Contact the Dept. of Economic Development for a list of Impact Fees.

Taxes: Utah's business related taxes are incentives for development. The following is a summary of pertinent tax information.
General Sales Tax
This tax applies to retail sales of tangible personal property, meals, admissions to places of amusement, intrastate communication, passenger service, hotel and motel accomodations and certain other services. The Utah Legislature provided for the exemption of machinery and equipment purchased or leased for use in new or expanded manufacturing operations in the state from the sales and use tax.
Sales Tax- 7 3/4%
Commercial Property Tax Rate- .013624 of taxable value
Inventory Tax- None
Corporate Income Tax- 5.0%
Unemployment Compensation Tax- (minimum) 0.5%
Based on first $14,500 (maximum) 8.0%

The Kane County School District is linking with the state's T-1 line to provide interactive TV via the ED NET system. Students in the Kane County School District have the capacity to utilize distance learning technology to earn both college and high school level credit. Students attending the Kane County schools in Kanab are well prepared for future academic and employment opportunities. The schools work with employers to provide training for your specific need. 1995 Kane County District enrollment is 1,485.

Kanab: 1995 Statistics
High School Enrollment- 352 (4.5 day school week)
Middle School Enrollment- 234 (4.5 day school week)
Elementary School Enrollment- 402 (5 day school week)

ACT Composite Score- 21

Kanab Municipal Airport serves the business and tourist community with scenic flights and charter service. The paved runway is 6200 feet long and 75 feet wide.
Car Rental
Hunt's Car Rental provides the Kanab area with Jeep and car rentals.

Local Banking
Local banking services include branch offices of three major banks in Utah. Loaning institutions are interested in assisting firms desiring to locate in the area. Kane County and Kanab City are serviced by the following banks:

State Bank of Southern Utah
99 West Center Street
Kanab, UT 84741

Zions First National Bank
41 East Center Street
Kanab, UT 84741

Mountain America Credit Union
190 West Center Street
Kanab, UT 84741

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