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Civic, Service & Social Clubs
Name Where When Contact
American Legion Post 69 Legion Hall 3rd Wed. 7 PM. Bob Thompson, 644-2819
American Legion Auxiliary Legion Hall 1st Wed. 7 PM. Anna May Little, 644-5074
Friends of Library Library building 2nd Wed. 7 PM Judy Habbeshaw, 644-8091
KC Amateur: Radio Club Catholic Church 2nd Wed. 7 PM. Randy Cram, 644-2561
Lions Club Legion Hall 2nd Wed. 7 PM Floyd Supermaw, 644-5674
Masons (Kane County Masons Social Club) Chefs Palace 4th Wed. Noon Bob Thompson, 644-2819
Toastmasters Learn to improve your speaking and listening skills. Commission Chambers on Thurs. 7 PM. Nancy Decker, 644-2175
Women's Civic Club (General Federation of Women's Club) Senior Center 4th Thurs. 7 PM. Bob Thompson, 644-2819
Friendship & Cultural Exchange Society Travel Council Every Mon. 8 PM. Carol Sullivan, 644-5078

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School Support
Name Where When Contact
Athletic Booster Club Athletic recognition programs, fund raisers, and support for our local school athletes. Teri Glover, 644-2572

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Indoor Hobbies & Classes
Name Where When Contact
Ceramic Classes These folks can teach you to make those special things everyone cherishes. Every Tues. 7-10 PM. Call Sandy 644-2991
Model Railroading Just getting organized. Time to put on your engineers cap, biboveralls & get serious about this gradydancin'. Jim 644-3757
Model T Club Antique cars? Some of us remember when they were new!! Depressing. To discover how these things actually work... Gene Mitchell 643-7112
Quilting Club The ladies do this. But, they do other things some guys don't understand like knitting and crocheting. Sheila 644-2566
Square Dancing Boy! This is a biggie for you folks who can still breathe good.. doo-zee-doo and all that! Jerry or Gayle 644-2654

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Outdoor Sports & Activities
Name Where When Contact
Bird Watchers Are them big Condors really here? Well maybe.. lets get together and take a peek. Phyllis 644-2945
UT - AZ ATV Club Exploring the back roads at an easy pace in your 4x4, gourmet picnic lunches, spectacular scenery, jovial group, could it get any better than this? Only in America. Bob Aiken, 644-3216
Golf Strange sight, a group of otherwise rational persons, chasing a little ball around 100 acres of mowed lawn! Coral Cliff Ladies Assoc. Charlotte Barnson 644-2783
Men's Assoc. Don Proctor 644-5081
Hiking, Biking & Skiing The Vermillion Cliff Trails Club does it all. You can't get much closer to nature than this, so dust off your boots, pump up the Schwin and wax the old boards. Susan 644-8884
Radio Controlled Models We know you're out there, we can hear ya all over town! Great hobby for granddads, dads, and younger kids. Norm 644-5730
Greyhound Gang These ex-racers are a sure bet to make a great pet. Claudia 644-2903

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Horse Stuff and Gunsmoke
Name Where When Contact
Color Country Dusters Got ahorse? These folks know where to take 'em and ride 'em Alice Wilkey 643-6099
Tri-Valley Rodeo Assoc. When it's rodeo time at Kaneplex..these are the folks who do it all. Junior rodeos, West Fest and various related events. Lynett Jones 644-2773
Cowboy Action Shooting This is them "North Rim Regulars" something new and exciting. Fun for the whole family. Carla Avant, 644-5053
Kanab Trap Club We've got the range, and we've got the Skeet and Turkey shootin'. How about you 'hot dawagers" with your big 12 gauges stoppin' by. Frank Alleman, 644-5946

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Name Where When Contact
Kanab Civic Orchestra One of Utah's very best! We are all proud of our orchestra. Lets continue to give it our whole hearted support. Kortney Stirland 644-2335
Sunshine Singers Fun group, perform at local events and the Gazebo.
Meet at the Senior Center.
Every Mon. 4 PM. Joyce Ross 644-8836
So. Utah Children’s Choir Levels from preschool age up. Focus on music skills & good values. We are the Music Makers! We are the Dreamers of Dreams! Every Thurs. 3 PM on. Loretta Clayson 644-8899

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Public Help Organizations
Name Where When Contact
Al-Anon United Church Every Mon. 8 PM 644-3397
Alcoholics Anonymous Legion Hall Every Mon., Thur., Sat. 8 PM
Every Tue. 6 PM, Sun 10 AM
Women's Wed 12 PM
644-3186, 5643, 3073
Narcotics Anonymous Legion Hall Sun., Tues., Fri., 8 PM 644-2272, 6610, 2077

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Name Where When Contact
Aerobics Community Center Thurs. 8:30 AM Dawna 644-2777
Breast Cancer Support Group - Last Fri., 2 PM 644-2162
Over-eaters Anonymous United Church Every Tues. 10 AM -

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Business Organizations
Name Where When Contact
BPKC Businesses Promoting Kane County - Every Thurs 10 AM Dave Andersen 644-8133
Chamber of Commerce Community Center First Thurs. 12 PM Jeff Yates, 644-2789

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Historical Clubs & Organizations
Name Where When Contact
Daughters of Utah Pioneers "Camp Majorie Stewart" Senior Center First Mon. 7 PM Barbara Kropfs 644-5645
Kanab Heritage Council Council Chambers First Thurs 5 PM Jo Smith 644-5154
Mormon Battlion Various places and times Dr. H. Roberts 644-5666
Sons of Utah Pioneers Senior Center Third Wed. 7 PM Elvon Spencer 648-2118

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Senior Center Activities
Name Where When Contact
Bus Trips To places of interest. Destinations and schedules vary. 644-5250
Ceramics Classes and equipment available. Senior Center Every Tues. 9:30 AM - 12:00 PM Marge 644-2004
Fun Night: Bingo, Cards, and ?? Senior Center Every Wed. Evening Senior Center 644-5250
Painting Senior Center Every Wed. 9:30 AM Senior Center 644-5250
Shopping Trips Local and St. Geroge Schedules vary Senior Center 644-5250

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Emergency Services
The following volunteer organizations require extensive training and commitment. In all cases physical condition will be a consideration, and some activites may be limited by age.
Search & Rescue:"Kane county Sheriffs Dept." Help for the lost and stranded. Not all of our members dangle on ropes from rocks so give us a call for additional information. Many other activities.
Where When Contact
County Court House 1st & 3rd Wed. Dave Owens 644-5795
Fire Department
Where When Contact
Fire Station Thurs. 7 PM Alan Aldredge 644-5443
Emergency Medical Technician
Where When Contact
Fire Station 2nd & 4th Wed. Dilworth Perkins 644-5766
* Information taken from "City of Kanab, Residents Activities Directory" brochure.